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Just Dogs presents Pet Social Pune, organized by IIPTF and Creature Companion magazine, is scheduled on 15th and 16th February 2020 at Ishanya Mall (Creativity Mall) Pune.



We are committed to responsible pet keeping and through this event we promote ‘Happy & Fun Living with Pets’. Pet Social Pune is a platform to engage, entertain and educate animal lovers. The event is centered around pets and their well-being.

The event consists of learning platforms for animal enthusiasts who wish to make a difference in the lives of dogs, cats, and other pets; DIY activities for pet parents;
fun-filled games; a lot of stalls selling pet care products and much more.

We invite all pets and pet parents to become a part of this exciting gathering.  

List of Activities
1. Fancy Dress
2. Indie-Show – Walk the Ramp for a Cause
3. Me & My Furry Friend – Photo Competition
4. Dog Park Where Learning is Fun for Your Furry Friends & You:
  • Let your pet run, chase & fetch a toy
  • A Place to socialise under the supervision of handlers
  • How to choose the right leash?
  • How to use toys or treats?
5. Responsible Pet Keeping Series
  • How to tackle an emergency situation at home?
  • First Aid for Pets
6. Be A Good Samaritan, Make a Difference
  • Feeding Street Dogs
  • Rescuing Dogs in Distress
7. How to Series?
  • How to Become a Dog Groomer?
  • How to Become a Dog Trainer?
  • How to start a Dog & Cat Boarding Centre?
8. DIY – Do It Yourself Series
  • How to bake for your pets at home?
  • How to cook a healthy meal for your pets?
Pet lovers and animal enthusiasts are also welcome at Pet Social Pune. Different cuisines of food for both humans and pets will be available at the venue.
Just Dogs presents Pet Social Pune – 15th and 16th February 2020