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IIPTF Review

Creature Companion, India’s foremost pet care magazine, hosted the 10th edition of the India International Pet Trade Fair (IIPTF) from 26th to 28th October, 2018 in Delhi. South Asia’s only pet trade fair, IIPTF is the ideal platform for international exhibitors who want to sell their products in India, Indian exporters seeking international buyers, as well as Indian manufacturers and importers, who wish to sell products in the Indian market itself. Product categories included products for dogs, cats, small animals and fi sh. This year, IIPTF returned to the capital of India – Delhi. A part B2B (Business-to-Business), part B2C (Business-to-Consumer) event, IIPTF showcases an exhaustive range of pet products (pet foods, clothes, toiletries, toys, etc) and pet-pertinent services (grooming, pet boarding, crèches, etc) from across India and overseas. Since Creature Companion recognises the need for businesses to expand and achieve constant growth, IIPTF sought to bring all the essential people from the industry under one roof to discover possibilities, identify a broader scope, gain perspective and fulfil targets. Hence, the buyer-seller meet encouraged both overseas and Indian companies to meet and discuss common areas of business. The chief mission of the fair has always been to boost the revenue of the pet industry by providing members with a platform where they can congregate and network, thereby generating revenue for themselves and others. It also extends a podium to B2C exhibitors comprised of pet retail shop owners, to sell their merchandise and amplify their customer base.

In its 10th landmark edition, IIPTF brought highly qualifi ed experts who shared their expertise in training, grooming etc. with those present. More than 50 exhibitors participated. In addition to showcasing products and services of the pet industry, the 10th IIPTF featured a full-fl edged range of aquarium products along with live aquascaping, a hardscaping competition, and variety of aquariums on display for public viewing.

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IIPTF witnessed a gathering of more than fifty organisations from the pet industry over three days. Douge Couture, Pretto Pet Food, Kitty and the Woof gang were some of the exhibitors at the event. Bama Spa, Agras Pet Food and Th ai Inaba were a few international exhibitors that one could visit. Farmina, Purina, Scoobe were some renowned names from the pet industry that had setup stalls as well. We utilised a hall and a large field to set up stalls outside along with a stage to conduct activities. The influx of visitors from the pet industry stood at three hundred people, from pet shop owners to manufacturers and exporters/importers, and veterinarians; all were a part of the celebration. Adhering to its mission, IIPTF showcased startups from the pet industry, to boost their growth and improve connections within the sector. Some noteworthy startups at the event were Doggie Dabbas, Canes Venatici, Pets Empire etc. We also successfully conducted the 2nd Aquagic - Magic of Aquariums, during the event. Aquaworld and ADA (Aqua Design Amano) were at the event to showcase their products and services. Last but not least, IIPTF also supports adopting pets instead of buying them. Our mascot - Jokai, is an Indie. We invited POSH Foundation and Enactus as our NGO partners to take part in the event. By the end of the event, the exhibitors contributed large amounts of food and products to our NGO partners to show their support.

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IIPTF returned to the heart of India - Delhi, for the 10th edition of the fair, and we were greeted by over a thousand pet lovers at the event! Of the people who visited, a hundred of them visited us on both days and participated in most of the events planned for them. We organised several activities for pet lovers - Dog Obedience Training, Pet Fashion Show, Best Groomed Dog, Aqua Quiz, Live Aquascaping, Hardscaping Competition, FoodEater, Talent Show and 150 Golden Retrievers. Th e dog obedience training was conducted by Adnan Khan of K9 School, where he presented various tricks, taught how to make your dog more obedient, and other professional skills on how to train a guard dog. He was also given the Dog Whisperer trophy that is given by IIPTF in remembrance of the Late John Richardson from Australia, for his outstanding skills in the fi eld. Th e pet fashion show was defi nitely the most loved activity of them all. Pet lovers visited on both days the activity was held to take part and prove why their pet is the best when it comes to fashion. Boo the Yorkshire, won on the fi rst day and King Jerry the Pug won on the second day. The FoodEater was all about your dog finishing food the fastest and the winner was a Labrador named Taurus. A talent show was done every few hours for pet lovers to come on the stage and show what their pets can do. Aquagic covered activities such as an Aqua quiz, where the audience was asked questions related to Aquatic life. Th e hardscaping competition involved participants to create their own aquariums from scratch. Mr. Adip Raj from ADA held a live aquascaping event where he showed how to make and decorate an aquarium to a large gathering. What made the event even more special was celebrating the 150 years of the Golden Retriever breed. Taking forward the legacy of the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland, where they celebrated the 150th anniversary of the breed, IIPTF did the same and gave a bandana by Canes Venatici to each Golden Retriever to wear and recognise these big lively bundles of joy.

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Creature Companion is India’s foremost pet care magazine. In circulation for the past 16 years, it has carved a separate niche for itself and is hugely revered by professionals of the global pet industry and the general public alike. As a veteran industry player and organiser of IIPTF, Creature Companion has emerged as an authority on the subject of pets and the Indian pet market.

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