Why India

India is the only Asian country, in which IIPTF, the biggest pet care fair is held. This shows that India is fast becoming one of the biggest markets for pet care industry. There are multiple factors for this development. The primary factor for the growth of the Indian pet industry is the increase of the middle class community. This escalation in the middle income group people has led to tremendous rise in the disposable income. The annual disposable income of Indians has reached up to $1.576 billion in 2012. This has propelled people to spend a bit extra on their pets. Pet lovers do not mind splurging a few extra pennies on their pampered pets.

Another important factor is the escalation of pet lovers in metro cities. Metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune etc house a lot of pet lovers and keepers, who treat their pets like family members. The pet population in India has grown from 7 million in 2006 to 10 million in 2011. On an average 6 lakh pets are adopted every year. Therefore, with such figures, it is easy to predict that India will soon be amongst the biggest pet markets in the world.

Seeing the growth of pet industry in the country, great success for world-over entrepreneurs can easily be predicted. IIPTF is a relevant platform for exhibitors to showcase their pet care products, services, food and accessories etc.