Ask The Groomers

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Do we have to leave our dog all day?

Answer: No, you don't. Most grooming sessions take 2-3 hours. Professional will call you when your pet is ready to come home.

Question: Do you sedate the dogs?

Answer: No. All grooming is done without any sedatives.

Question: How often do I need to get my dog groomed?

Answer: Every 3-4 weeks for medium and long coated breeds, 4-6 weeks for short hair breeds.

Question: What do groomers do during sessions?

Answer: Professional groomers work under internationally-recognised guidelines, and have specialised tools - magnetic trimmers, brushes for removing excess hair and high-velocity dryers, etc. Grooming involves brushing your dog's teeth, detangling of their hairs, nail clipping, bathing, etc. To know more, please visit IIPTF (Note: There should be a link to official site/Registration)

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